Yellow Dog Linux on G5 1.6GHz

I finally decided to go all-Linux and downloaded all 4 Yellow Dog 4.1 iso files this weekend. If I’m going to put Linux on the G5, it might as well be the most Apple-hardware specific type of Linux. I even have fantasies of checking out Compiz since all the rest of my hardware is so old and pathetic. Having Linux on my desktop as well as my laptop will allow me to move between the two of them more easily.

I can’t believe it, but I’m even starting to dislike working in OSX. It’s the little things. Does anybody know of a way to download one specific photo off of a camera using iPhoto? I don’t. The other day I was taking a pic off of my brother’s camera and I ended up spending 15 minutes downloading all 162 pictures. GTKam is so much more intuitive. More and more I am getting the feeling that OSX caters to the ‘For Idiots’ crowd. Not that they’re idiots, but they certainly don’t want to know very much about how their computer works or how and where it saves their data.

Okay, so it’s not really all that bad. Maybe I’m being way to subjective. Sometimes I wonder if I would have ever learned anything about Linux if I had bought a PowerBook instead of a G5 tower. Oh well. So I’m starting to prefer Linux over OSX. I’m still telling people that they should buy a Mac if they don’t want to worry about viruses. So I haven’t turned away entirely. Back to Yellow Dog:

I burned the first disk and tried to boot the G5 with it. It didn’t work, continued to boot into OSX and then caused a black-screen freeze or kernel panic as the Finder fumbled with the disk, unable to mount it. Once I got the disk out of the drive everything returned to normal. I guess I will download the first disk again and try it one more time. If that doesn’t work I’ll be extremely confused and frustrated. How hard can this be?