Pinot Noir 2010-02-12

This batch is from a wine kit: Winexpert Selection Original Series: Pinot Noir. A 4 gallon kit that produces 6 gallons of wine. It was about $118.

Status Date Specific Gravity Fluid Temp. Air Temp.
Primary Fermentation 2010-01-02 PM 1.084 60°F
2010-01-09 AM 1.054 52°F 60°F
2010-01-11 AM 1.040 52°F 60°F
2010-01-13 AM 1.028 52°F 60°F
Secondary Fermentation 2010-01-15 PM 1.012 52°F 62°F
2010-01-22 AM 0.094 65°F
Clearing 2010-01-23 AM 0.094 65°F
Second Clearing 2010-01-30 AM 60°F
Bottling 2010-02-12 PM 60°F

Primary Fermentation

Primary Fermentation setup was the usual. Fermentation took a full two days to really get started. I’m sure this is due to the low temperatures currently present in the basement. At 52°F the fluid was much colder than I had realized, but fermentation seems to be happening so I’m curious how this will affect the resulting wine.

Secondary Fermentation

There were a lot of bubbles arriving at the surface throughout the secondary fermentation. A solid ring of bubbles along the glass and toward the end bubble clusters appeared in the center of the must as well.


Nothing too unusual. I topped-up with Mirrasou Cabernet Sauvignon and added some crushed Campden tablets for preservation. Plan to store this one for at least 6 months, maybe longer.

Secondary Clearing

Wine looks quite clear, but much more dense than the two cheaper kits. Taste is also more complex even now. Transferred to new carboy successfully, topped up with my 2009 Cabernet Sauvignon.


Wine is very clear but very dense and dark in color. Much darker than the previous two red wine kits. The taste had the usual ‘yeasty’ flavor of what I know to be young wines, but there seems to be more depth or structure present. I’m hoping to find that aging will produce a wine much more similar to a commercial dry red. The cheaper kits certainly didn’t accomplish that, though they were still drinkable. Produced 32 bottles.