Sauvignon Blanc with Apples & Gooseberries

This batch made from a 96 oz. can of Vintner’s Harvest Gooseberry Fruit Wine Base ($47), wild apples (about the size of a clementine) and a Vintner’s Reserve: Sauvignon Blanc 6-gallon kit ($70). I am basically following the kit’s instructions aside from mixing the must with the gooseberries and apples in a nylon bag. And instead of adding the yeast to the must right away, I stirred in 6 crushed campden tablets and waited 12 hours.

Status Date Specific Gravity Fluid Temp. Air Temp.
Primary Fermentation 2012-07-23 AM 1.094 75°F 80°F
Secondary Fermentation 2012-07-28  0.098 75°F 80°F
Clearing 2012 °F
Second Clearing 2012 °F
Bottling 2012 °F

Primary Fermentation

I’m using the Red Star Premier Cuvée yeast that came with the Sauv. Blanc kit. Primary Fermentation Mixed all ingredients according to recipe on Gooseberry can and let sit overnight. Added yeast the next morning.

Secondary Fermentation