Daring Fireball: Paul Thurrott’s Sad Little World

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Wow, when John Gruber says “way out of context” he isn’t kidding. From Paul’s quote you’d think the NY Times article was about how boring the iPad is, when it’s actually about how commercial publications have not creatively taken advantage of the blossoming tablet computer industry (which includes the iPad, which is apparently boring but more successful than so many apparently not-boring Microsoft products).

If Paul thinks the iPad is boring I’d like to see how long it is before he gets bored of playing 101 variations of dodgeball with his Xbox Kinect.

Welch’s White

This batch was made from 12 cans of Welch’s White Grape Juice (About $30). The yeast is Lalvin 71B-1122, which is supposed to be good for preserving fruit flavors. It also might not tolerate high alcohol levels, so there might be residual sugar after fermentation is complete. I will be using some amount of time with a yeast starter to make sure fermentation starts off on the right foot.

I am making this wine because it sounded interesting and because I wanted another wine to blend my crabapple wine with due to its overly sour/tannin flavor. Though, I might change my mind. The crabapple is still clearing in the carboy, so in a week or two I’ll taste test it again. Who knows? I might find it to be just fine by itself. Regardless, this experiment with cheaper ingredients might prove to produce a pleasant everyday wine.

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