Mango Wine Summer 2017

For this wine, I’m trying out “Vintner’s Best Mango Fruit Wine Base” which cost $38.99 at my local winemaking supply store – All Seasons Gardening & Brewing Supply Co. near downtown Nashville.

It’s just a big 1 gallon jug of syrup. Much less fanfare than the boxed wine kits, though those seem very targeted towards beginners or people that want to have everything pre-determined for them.

This could be a nice, simple, less expensive wine or could at least be simple way to embellish fresh fruit wines. This is a test run. Yeast: Lalvin K1-V1116.

Status Date Specific Gravity Fluid Temp. Air Temp.
Pitch Yeast 2017-07-04 1:00 PM 1.074 °F 78°F
Primary Fermentation °F °F
Secondary Fermentation  2017-07-22 4:52 PM °F
Clearing  2017-09-16 9:00 AM °F
Second Clearing
Tertiary Clearing
Quaternary Clearing
Quinary Clearing

Primary Fermentation

Pretty simple preparation. Pour the syrup into your primary fermenter. Top-up with clean, filtered water. Add yeast. I actually added 4 cups of sugar in the form of simple syrup to bump the specific gravity up a bit.