Ubuntu 6.06 on 1.6 GHz G5

I received a shipment of Ubuntu discs today from France from what I can tell. I have already downloaded Xubuntu and Ubuntu 6.06 so it wasn’t too exciting. However, I have not tried Dapper for the PowerPC processor. The last shipment I got was Ubuntu 5.1 and the stack included two PowerPC install discs upon my request. It was interesting to try out on the original iMac and seemed to work pretty well as far as live-cds go. However, I could never get my G5 to boot 5.1. It started out, but soon locked up. It may have been an error in the discs, but whatever. Dapper boots though. That’s all I needed to be impressed. I would really like to see how snappy it is once it’s installed. Needless to say I haven’t yet got up the nerve to install it on the G5.

One issue that jumped out at me was the maximum screen resolution of 1024 x . It would be nice to go a little higher. After looking around in the System Preferences I got the impression that, if you are hooked up to the internet, the system would go search for video drivers specific to the machine’s video hardware. So maybe that isn’t much of a concern. I just haven’t read much about running Ubuntu on Apple hardware. Maybe someday I’ll at least get so bold as to make the G5 a dual-booter with Ubuntu.

So check it out. Let me know if you are running Dapper on a PowerPC and what your impressions are.

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  1. heyas all.
    my 40 gig drive is going to good use now. I have installed UBUNTU and have ordered KUBUNTU.
    I dont know how to install the driver for my ati radeon 9600xt.
    Actually i dont know if i am meant to be downloading and installing XFREE86 or the XORG version of the driver. I am downloading them both but i dont know how to do anything in Linux really.
    I dont know where I am meant to set up my modem or set up a net account. (no INETWIZ.EXE)
    So yeah, can someone help me out with getting my ATI driver installed?
    and does anyone know of a good long PDF file i can read and wrap my brain around.
    I’m still a Windows user, but I want to use Linux as much as possible.
    Thanks. 🙂

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