HTML Character Reference Chart Update

I have just finished updating my HTML Character Reference Chart. Along with updating invalid numerical references 129 through 159 to the valid decimal numbers there are a few new features:

  • different character sets in separate views
  • complete decimal and hexadecimal references
  • entity references for some characters.
  • New Complete Table Section displays all references
  • New Favorites Section displays only your favorites


This new version is built with XML and XSLT, making the process of updating information or creating new layouts very simple. I am learning the basics of both right now and it’s amazing how powerful and elegant these simple text files can be.

The Favorites section works with comma-separated URL values. You will have to edit your URL “manually” by adding the decimal, hexadecimal or alphabetical values to the end of the page’s URL. There is an example favorites set to help you get started.

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