1and1 Webmail Sucks

Dear 1and1,

I frequently defend the quality of services that you provide. You have a lot of enemies out there, but my experience has been positive. Your management tools are very simple and intuitive, especially when compared to GoDaddy (I don’t know WHAT is going on with their admin tools, but they’re getting better.).

Even your mail service is top notch. When using email clients, I rarely have problems receiving or sending emails. Good stuff.

However, I have recently been forced to use your Webmail service when away from home and it is a horrible experience. Why?

  1. Webmail login page does not have a simple URL that is easy to remember
  2. Interface is sluggish
  3. The plain text writing tool: cursor falls behind/gets out of sync with typing
  4. Webmail service is frequently unavailable

Otherwise, with the address book, other features and the overall design, your webmail could be a great product. These four issues (and I’m sure there could be more) diminish any other positives. If you could address the service availability at the very least it would be much appreciated. Thanks.


Jason Simanek

7 thoughts on “1and1 Webmail Sucks”

  1. You think their original webmail was slow? Try Webmail 2.0, a totally bloated unusable piece of crap.

  2. I agree. Is there no “switch to plain layout” button? I really hate the slow and bloated webmail app they have. Not to mention not being able to whitelist a client who always lands in the Spam folder. I’ve added her to my webmail address book, and clicked No Spam, still, next message, in the Spammer.

  3. If you hate the 1and1 Webmail interface like I do, you can host your own webmail client like I do that wraps their IMAP server. My webmail works with ANY 1and1 account, so knock yourself out.

  4. Omar, thanks a lot for this suggestion! I had never really considered it. I guess I always figured it wouldn’t be possible to set something like this up on a shared server setup. I’ve used roundcube on other hosting providers. It’s very fast! I’m going to see if I can get it up and running…

  5. Oh, and YES: 1and1’s shiny new webmail (2009-2010) system is pretty much just as bad as the previous service only this interface is even more cluttered and annoying.

  6. I think they just got the digits mixed up. Should have been named WebMail 0.2. I quit using it and use the free webmail on evonami.com to read and send my 1&1 email.

  7. And their latest offering is worse than pathetic, looks like it was written in 1990 by 10 year olds.
    Clumsy, difficult to use, time wasting rubbish.

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