Crabapple Wine Spring 2013

This batch was made from the very limited amount of crabapples I picked in August 2012  and several pounds of wild apples courtesy Anne-Marie Fournier. All of these apples have been frozen since end of the summer. I mostly followed my previous crabapple recipe, plus 2 cans of frozen white grape juice – plus whatever other juice we had in the freezer since I was short on sugar – 1 can of blended Cranberry juice, 1 can of Orange juice, crushed apples in a nylon bag, 9 pounds of sugar, pectic enzyme, acid blend, yeast nutrient, grape tannin and campden tablets. Yeast: Lalvin K1-V1116.

Status Date Specific Gravity Fluid Temp. Air Temp.
Pitch Yeast 2013-04-24 AM 1.100 66°F 68°F
Primary Fermentation 2013- AM °F °F
Secondary Fermentation °F
Clearing  2013- °F
Second Clearing
Tertiary Clearing
Quaternary Clearing
Quinary Clearing

Primary Fermentation